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Registration Agreement

I understand and will abide by the Las Cruces Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy. I further understated that any violation of these terms and conditions is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, school disciplinary action may be taken and/or appropriate legal action.

Acceptable Use of Technology resources means technology must be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner
and in accordance with the LCPS Mission Statement, Priorities, and Goals.
The use of LCPS technology resources, including but not limited to, the Internet (World Wide Web), electronic mail, hardware,
software and online services, to access, transmit, publish, display or retrieve any material in violation of any federal or state
laws or regulations or any material that is contrary to the educational goals of the District is prohibited.  This includes, but is
not limited to:

*Copyrighted material
* Pornographic, obscene or other sexually oriented material  
* Material protected by trade secret
* Material which is threatening, promotes violence or advocates destruction of property
* Material which advocates or promotes violence or hatred against a particular individual or groups of individuals or advocates or
promotes the superiority of one racial, ethnic or religious group over another
* Material related to gambling or any illegal activity
* Material related to political elections
Appropriate Use of Technology Resources
*Students and employees, contractors, volunteers and other district officials are reminded that use of any and all LCPS property is for
LCPS business.

Inappropriate Use of Technology Resources
* Inappropriate or profane language or material likely to be offensive to others in the school community, including sexually harassing or
discriminatory material
* Software without proof of proper licensing
* Software that has not been approved by the Department of Informational Technology in support of learning or teaching, including
teacher purchased software
* Impersonating another user, or anonymously transmitting or publishing material
* To conduct a business, personal business (including but not limited to buying and selling items on the Internet), or other for-profit
* Software that has not been scanned
* Use in such a way that the district will incur an expense unless spending authority has been granted by an authorized administrator
Destroying, modifying or abusing-district owned technology or disrupting the operation of any network within the district or any network
connected to the Internet, including the use, attempted use or possession of computer viruses
* Creating, transmitting or re-transmitting chain mail
* Streaming of video/audio unless express prior approval is received from the Department of Informational Technology
* Sharing of personal network passwords
* Sponsoring of district, school or classroom-identified web pages on any server other than LCPS owned or contracted servers unless
prior administrative approval

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